Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MACRO - Damselfly

Damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) are insects in the order Odonata. Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but the adults can be differentiated by the fact that the wings of most damselflies are held along, and parallel to, the body when at rest. Furthermore, the hindwing of the damselfly is essentially similar to the forewing, while the hindwing of the dragonfly broadens near the base. Damselflies are also usually smaller than dragonflies and weaker fliers in comparison, and their eyes are separated.

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LIGHTROOM : What makes 'preset' so usefull for you..

Presets can be used in 3 basic ways.
  • For inspiration – Clicking through a variety of presets to find a great look for any particular image. Once you find a look that is promising you can further refine the adjustments the preset made to perfect your image. Creative presets can help you see your image in new ways, without spending minutes tweaking the image in different ways.
  • As a destination – Once you find or create a preset that suits your style, you can then start shooting images specifically with that preset in mind. Much like film choice in the past, you can choose a preset in advance that suits your subject. I have a series of personal presets just for portraits that I shoot specifically for; I know to under expose a half stop and to set a custom white balance before the shoot. Applying the preset on import provides me with exactly what I set out for, much like film did.
  • As a tool – This is what I feel presets were designed to be, a literal tool kit to hasten your workflow while maintaining a creative edge. When you have a collection of presets that are designed to whip your images into shape quickly, you can save even more time in the Develop Module. Using presets in unison, you can quickly craft an image that would have taken minutes or hours to do normally.
Combine all 3 of these approaches and you get more than just some presets that work in isolation, but an entire platform that can exist as a foundation for being both creative and ultra-productive.

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